What is Keepsite?

Keepsite is an innovative construction project management system.

It is a versatile web-based management software system, this web designed to meet evolving needs of project-centred organisations and staff to deliver well planned and executed building and infrastructure projects.

Keepsite is exceptional because it is designed specifically to manage complex project information in a simple, try easily shared way.

The tool’s central knowledge management platform allows project teams to:

  • Manage and maximise effective communications
  • Oversee processes and documentation in a single place
  • Reduce uncertainty and identify potential risk
  • Enhance operational efficiency
  • Improve productivity and profit margins

Who is it for?

Keepsite is for everyone on the project team. It promotes secure and effective project collaboration, managing and monitoring communications and interactions between project teams and stakeholders across multiple sites and disciplines.

Keepsite is an essential tool for:

  • Owners of buildings and infrastructure
  • Consultants and client advisors
  • Main contractors
  • Suppliers, subcontractors and tradespeople
  • Site and headquarters-based staff

Why organisations need it

Keepsite delivers a valuable strategic and management support asset.

Keepsite is designed to make it simple and easy to gather information from projects into a structured, accessible resource so that each project team can learn from the collective experience of every project the organisation has previously delivered.

Project level features provided are complemented by a suite of organisational level features, facilitating project performance analysis, and integration of project data across an organisation’s entire project portfolio.

In doing so, Keepsite makes organisational learning a real and meaningful possibility and this organisational knowledge can be turned in to sustainable competitive advantage.