Do I need to pay if I am invited to join a project?

No. If your organisation is invited to participate in a project, there is no charge for this. The project fee is only paid by the primary organisation on the project who can add an unlimited number of other organisations and people to their project within the fixed fee.


If my organisation is removed from a project, what happens to our data and process / workflow history?

The Main Contractor can add and remove organisations from the project. However, the Main Contractor does not own other organisations data or process history. As such, all data and history relevant to the organisation are made available to that organisation even if they are removed from a project.


How can records be modified?

Keepsite is a contract management system and therefore designed to ensure people and organisations can only see and do the things that are consistent with their contractual role on the project. Consistent with this approach, records cannot be retrospectively modified without the changes being noted in the history. All records represent an accurate account of who did what and when.


What happens should Keepsite become insolvent?

Keepsite operates to a very high standard of corporate governance and financial prudence. As with any business, should Keepsite not be able to meet its contractual obligations for any reason, remedies are available for clients and users of Keepsite.

Keepsite prioritise investment in its hosting infrastructure and does not take risks that would see the business compromised by any reasonably foreseeable single event, such as financial over-exposure due to credit or bad debt. Keepsite also has in place insurances that provide a degree of protection to users. Please refer to Keepsite’s terms of service for more information or if you would like to discuss further Keepsite’s business and how it operates, please be in contact with adam [at] keepsite.com.


How secure is the data and how can a local ‘backup’ be kept?

For more comprehensive information on how Keepsite manages its operations technically and how Keepsite ensures the integrity and security of data, please refer to the infrastructure and security section of the Keepsite reference, available at https://keepsite.co/reference/articles/security/.

In order to provide additional piece of mind, users can print from Keepsite or download the majority of their data directly from the web application. For example, if you’d like to download a copy or print to hardcopy your document issue register or a transmittal record, you can visit these respective sections of the ‘Documents’ tool and do so.


Do I need to produce my own RFI and document transmittal registers outside Keepsite?

To avoid the complications that often come with duplication, and to save you time, we recommend you do not maintain a separate RFI log or document transmittal register. If you need to because of your company’s policy, you can print or download soft copies from Keepsite whenever you need as they will always be available for you online.