Researcher / Statistician / Analyst


Keepsite is construction management software for project-centred organisations and for people who create buildings and infrastructure. Our clients include architects and engineers, pilule multinational construction businesses and tradespeople.

Keepsite is recruiting for a Researchers / Statisticians / Analysts to work with us initially in a temporary capacity as paid interns.

The roles will suit current postgraduate students or recent graduates. Note that because the skill-set required is both broad and particular, Keepsite may recruit two or more people whose skill-sets can complement each other.


At Keepsite, we strive to make decisions based on sound logic informed by good information. The process of defining the information we need, collecting, processing and analysing it and deciding how we incorporate it in to our thinking is a critical aspect of our operations. In addition, our success is based on our ability to add value to the operations of project-based organisations (our clients), so we seek to build for them reporting and analytical tools within the Keepsite software to enhance their operations and performance over time.

To support the above approach and purpose, Keepsite is seeking exceptional individuals to support the design and implementation of the following:

Internal analysis
Keepsite has built a backend customer support and business development system, which is the backbone of our internal management system. There are a number of indicators or metrics in this system that can usefully inform internal assessment of our own performance, help us to analyse how well we are engaging with customers, and, in turn, help us to more effectively and efficiently run our business. You will work closely with the Keepsite team to design and implement this in-house system.

Industrial analysis
The architecture, engineering, and construction industry is large and broad. Because the combined industry contributes significantly to any given national economy, statistics are readily available on numerous points of interest. Keepsite intends to build a system to capture statistics of interest for us at the level of the wider economy and at the micro (firm)  level. You will work with Keepsite to determine useful and reliable sources of information, identify and agree what statistics (variables of interest) are interesting for us (given the dependent variables we are interested in), and then build a system for collecting, processing, and analysing this information. The data will influence and help to determine our corporate strategy.

Project analysis
Our clients’ generally, though not exclusively, derive their revenue on a project basis (for example by developing or refurbishing a new property for lease or sale). W their projects are implemented within Keepsite, a significant amount of data around the project implementation environment is generated. Keepsite can further add value to clients’ businesses by helping them collect and analyse this data and in doing so help clients to better understand their businesses, their projects, and the drivers of project outcomes. Keepsite can integrate the project management and business operational systems, which are so often separated within project-based organisations. You will work closely with Keepsite and its clients to design and implement this client-side statistical analysis tool. In addition to the system described, statistical outputs will include both descriptive statistics, useful graphics, and forecasts based on more advanced analysis, and which can be generated with a client-side tool.

Skills and Experience

You will have strong statistical analysis skills, be competent in R (preference – other software competency will be considered), and have a strong commitment to sound research design. You will be motivated more broadly by appropriate research methodology and, while not necessary possessing superior skills in survey design or methods other than statistical analysis, be enthusiastic about broadening your methodology skill set to ensure that the system we build benefits from a range of data sources and a mixed-methods approach.

You will have a good undergraduate degree in statistics or have studied research methods at postgraduate level. The successful candidate will embrace a multidisciplinary approach to research design and will seek to avoid the limitations of a dogmatic adherence to any particular methodological form. You will see value in diversity of opinion and be excited about working in the AEC industry and to applying your skills to this industry.


We offer competitive remuneration, a flexible and enjoyable working environment in central London (though you may wish to work remotely), and a range of other benefits that we think any great company should offer. We value creativity, technical mastery (the pursuit of), an analytical mind, a great work ethic, consistent customer focus, personal responsibility, and balance.

To Apply

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